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Acupuncture is an ancient, natural healing art that comprises one branch of Chinese medicine, the other main branch being herbal medicine. At Clasique, each of our acupuncturists is also licensed in Chinese herbal medicine. We prescribe custom essential oil blends from our extensive, high-quality pharmacy of oils. Other forms of herbs include tinctures, pills, granules, raw herbs (for making teas,) and topical liniments and salves. 

Acupuncture and herbal medicine have endless applications, so please keep in mind that we offer care far beyond what is listed here. As a clinic, we specialize in treating people whose health challenges include fertility issues, post-partum depression, cold and flu, upper respiratory issues, digestive concerns, autoimmune conditions, urogenital and reproductive problems, anxiety, sleep disorders, sports injuries, and all types pain. We also love working with babies and toddlers, and have methods other than needles for them- like acupressure, gua sha, and herbs.

In addition to being trained in the technical practice of acupuncture and herbal medicine, our personalized treatments take root in our diagnostic skills - observation, listening, and reading the pulses - all with attentive, nurturing presence of mind. Here, we hear you! 

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Acupuncture Treatments

Acupuncture treatments at Clasique are offered in a private setting and may include cupping, gua sha, and moxibustion. Your practitioner is devoted to your care, and is fully present to hear your needs and goals. 

Initial Treatment  ::  90 min = $90.
Follow up Treatment  ::  60-75 min = $70.
Initial Session for Student = $70.
Follow up Student (highschool and beyond) = $55.
Initial Session for Child = $60.
Follow up Child (newborn to age 12) = $35.

Community AcupuncturE

Acupuncture in a "community" setting is also available at Clasique. In a comfortable reclining chair in the community room, your practitioner will target mainly your arms and legs for a full and relaxing treatment. A great option when more affordable and/or frequent care is needed. By appointment only. Contact us to find out if community acupuncture would be right for you.

Sliding Scale  ::  $25 - $50.*

* $15 paperwork fee + additional 15 minutes needed for 1st time patients. 

Rest Easy: Acupuncture + Massage

Perfect for busy professionals, parents, and athletes, Rest Easy combines massage and acupuncture into one customized session. Your practitioner will work with you to create the treatment that you most need. The massage portion can be full body or focused on a specific area, and the acupuncture portion may include gua sha, moxa, and lifestyle consultation as needed. It's flexible, focused, and designed on-the-spot for you to receive maximum care and rest - so that you can achieve ease of movement in your life.

Rest Easy  ::  60 min = $85
Rest Easy  ::  90 min = $125

Herbal Medicine Consultation

Herbal medicine is a highly effective treatment therapy, and can be applied with or without acupuncture. In an herbal medicine consultation, your practitioner hears your concerns, learns your medical history, and works with you on an herbal treatment plan. Herbal medicines at Clasique include tinctures, pills, granules, raw herbs (for making teas,) and topical liniments and salves. 

Herbal Medicine Consultation  ::  30 min = $40. 

Essential Oils Consultation

Essential oils are herbal medicine, too! Many people love the ease of applying essential oils, and prefer to “wear” their herbs, rather than to consume them. At Clasique, we have a complete apothecary of single, high-quality essential oils that we use to make custom blends. An essential oils consultation is just like an herbal medicine consultation – we learn your history, hear your concerns, and create a treatment plan. The difference is that you receive an oil blend instead of internal herbs. Essential oils are extremely effective, have a wide variety of applications, and safe for the entire family. 

Essential Oils Consultation  ::  30 min = $40. 

Lifestyle Consultation

Your Clasique acupuncturists see you as a whole person living a multi-layered life that possesses the potential for great wonder. The Lifestyle Consultation is an opportunity to explore these layers, focus on your complete health, and find appropriate solutions to your lifestyle concerns. Treatment plans focus on lifestyle choices and stress management, and include approaches like food therapy, dietary recommendations, qi gong, and meditation. 

Lifestyle Consultation  ::  30 min = $40.