**As a part of the training program, Brooke offers Pilates workshops & seminars open to the public - clients & instructors alike - throughout the year. For the full list of seminars & workshops currently scheduled for 2019, check out our events page. To stay up to date on any additional workshops or seminars, request to be added to our newsletter!**

CPICP Mission Statement: 

The Clasique Pilates Instructor Certification with Brooke Tyler leads Pilates apprentices through an intimate mentor-based training program to become skilled, empathetic, well-rounded, deeply integrated, inspirational Pilates instructors.

Through the CPICP training, individuals learn to both teach the art of classical Pilates and to embody the work in every aspect of their lives.

At Clasique we know that Pilates is a way of moving through the world. It is a brilliant form of powerful physical movement, an opportunity for developing clarity in the mind, and a journey of spiritual cultivation and connection to the deep core of the self. Brooke Tyler carries these philosophies of Classical Pilates into the studio for herself, her staff, the clients, and for the apprentices training here to be Pilates instructors. 

The CPICP focuses on: 

  • Personal mastery of the classical Pilates material

  • Embodiment of Pilates principles and the essence of the work

  • Instruction of clients of all levels and abilities in the present moment.

*Now offering a Master’s training program for LOCAL & REMOTE instructors!

For more information about any of the training programs, contact Katie.