thursday 11/7 - sunday 11/10

Expect to play, get upside down, and surprise yourself as you do challenging moves safely and successfully in this seminar! Breaststroke and Grasshopper are fun, challenging, and accessible exercises that invite movement in every plane, with big and bold range of motion. This seminar celebrates the way exercises relate to one another across various apparatus, and invites the advanced/advancing practitioner to embody the principles of Pilates anywhere in the room, in all planes, and to take it out into their lives. Focus on the Advanced System material.

Cost: Full Seminar Registration - $450*
Individual session rates listed below

* 10% discount for already-certified instructors


  • Thursday, Nov 7th, 1-5pm :: Advancing your Mat & Wunda Chair workout - $110

  • Friday, Nov 8th, 10:30am-5pm :: Building your Advanced Reformer Routine & Your Backside - $140
    (includes 9:30am mat class free with registration)

  • Saturday, Nov 9th, 10:30am-5pm :: Advanced Reformer & Big Splits - $140

  • Sunday, Nov 10th 9:30am-3pm :: PLAY in all Planes - $110

Contact us if you have questions about whether this seminar is right for you!