Carolyn Gordon


I took my first Pilates mat class in 1999 as an injured dancer in college.  I was humbled by the difficulty of the class, and also in awe of the incredible strength of the instructor. I took my first private Pilates classes with the same instructor and was instantly intrigued by the unique machines.

At Clasique’s first open house, my arm literally raised itself when Brooke mentioned that all she needed was people to train as instructors. Pilates is the most complete and intelligent form of exercise that I have found. The absolute joy of teaching for me is seeing clients transform chronic pain and injuries into greater strength, grace, and ease in their bodies and their lives. 

I bring to my teaching 11 years’ experience as a licensed massage therapist. I believe bodywork and Pilates are the perfect complement to keeping the body balanced and living with – as Joseph Pilates said –  “spontaneous zest and pleasure!”