Brooke Tyler designed Chisel™ by adapting classical Pilates exercise into a dynamic, challenging workout that satisfies the modern hunger for a hard, fun workout to upbeat music! Chisel™ will make you sweat, build your strength, improve balance, and is safe for clients of all ages and levels.

This class has earned a reputation for being hard… but guess what! You can do hard things! Yes, you! People from ages 7 to age 70 enjoy Chisel™. Elite athletes and new athletes enjoy Chisel™. People who don’t think of themselves as athletes at all enjoy Chisel™.

In a class of 10-30 people, Chisel™ uses the mat, the floor, your body weight, and 2 or 3-pound weights. Your trained Pilates teacher will always offer options and modifications so that new clients and ‘the regulars’ all feel safe, challenged, and rewarded. This class will change your life, chisel your entire body, and fuel your soul.

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Chisel™ is $17 per class when you register in advance.
$20 to "drop in" without advanced registration.
$45 for 1-week Chisel™ PASS