Claire Askey

Pilates instructor

As a lifelong lover of fitness and movement, I have always been drawn to the field of human performance.

My love of Pilates began when I started taking privates and mat classes from a friend. Each week I looked forward to my workouts and I felt incredibly empowered as I grew stronger and more centered.

I became so enthusiastic about how much Pilates changed my life that I wanted to share its power with others. Brooke's teacher-trainer program offered me the space to do just that.  

I am inspired by everyone at Clasique - staff and clients alike. Since my first day I have felt welcomed and uplifted here.

Every day I walk into the studio excited to share the teachings of Pilates through my instruction, and also to deepen my learning and passion by meeting each client where they are at each day. There is so much precision and elegance in the codified system of Classical Pilates. It calls on the practitioner to "scoop deep" with both mind and body. Embodying the teachings of this beautiful system has been, and continues to be, truly transformative.