Saturday, January 9th
10:15 - 11:15 am

Start your New Year in alignment with your best self and your highest path! This community acupuncture session focuses on the alignment of the Three Treasures, part of Chinese medicine philosophy. Earth (Jing, essence) Humanity (Qi, energy/vitality) Heaven (Shen, spirit) "In Daoist tradition there are said to be Three Treasures that in effect constitute our life. Jing, qi and shen. Jing has been called the "superior ultimate" treasure... jing existed before the body existed, and this jing becomes the root of our body. Qi is the invisible life force which enables the body to think and move with spontaneous zest and pleasure (as Joseph Pilates agrees!). Shen energy is similar to mind and spirit... developed by the combination of jing and qi energy. When the treasures are in balance, the mind is strong, the spirit is great, the emotions are under control, and the body is strong and healthy.