As you heal injuries, release old patterns, and find new ways of being, the benefits of hands-on bodywork are countless! Massage is an excellent way to enhance your Pilates workouts and acupuncture treatments, or simply to relax and replenish. Schedule a session today!

60 min = $70.
75 min = $85.
90 min = $100.


Perfect for busy professionals, parents, and athletes, Rest Easy combines massage and acupuncture into one customized session. Your practitioner - Chelsea or Autum - will work with you to create the treatment that you most need. The massage portion can be full body or focused on a specific area, and the acupuncture portion may include gua sha, moxa, and lifestyle consultation as needed. It's flexible, focused, and designed on-the-spot for you to receive maximum care and rest - so that you can achieve ease of movement in your life.

Rest Easy  ::  60 min = $85
Rest Easy  ::  90 min = $125