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We’re so glad you are curious about deepening your connection to the Classical Pilates practice, yourself, and your teaching skills with Brooke. Participating in a Masters training program with Brooke Tyler is a one-year mentor-based program tailored to your goals and needs as a Pilates instructor. This program can be done either locally in Asheville, NC, or remotely (online with a few trips to Asheville during your training).

First steps…

…for anyone interested in either the local or remote Masters training program are to fill out the below Expression of Interest form, and to plan to attend at least one seminar at Clasique. If attending any of the upcoming seminars in person will be a challenge for you, contact us.

Note: The Expression of Interest is not an official “application” - though if you decide to formally apply, it is considered a part of your application.

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Your answers to the questions below will give us an idea of the types of experiences you've had with Pilates, as a student and as an instructor. Feel free to write as much or as little as you would like.

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