Irrum Alam

Pilates apprentice

For me, Pilates is so much more than a physical exercise. Not being an athletic person my entire life, I thought I could never do an advanced workout when I first began. I realized quickly though that Pilates is for everyone! Through my Pilates practice I learned so much about myself and how fitness comes from within. It changed my life!

I became an apprentice because I want to share my journey with others, and help them benefit from Pilates in the ways that I have. I also want to share with my clients my experience of being comfortable in my body, and not looking towards what this culture thinks healthy bodies should look like.

In addition to my love of Pilates, I am keeping up with two teenagers at home, and am very passionate about social and racial justice. Learning and teaching people tolerance with empathy is something that is deeply important to me. I love being able to cultivate my passion for finding wellbeing both within our bodies and within our communities, and look forward to sharing that with my clients.