Kendall LaBruyere


I was a college athlete suffering from a knee injury when I took my first Pilates class as a rehabilitation tool -- what I found was so much deeper.  The mind-body connection and flowing, yet challenging principles of the Pilates method resonate with me and are an integral part of my life. 

I completed my first teacher-training program at App State, but after my first day working out at Clasique with Brooke, I realized a new depth to the work and richness to teaching. I have now completed the Clasique Instructor Certification program and feel so empowered as an instructor, and so connected to the Classical Pilates work.

As an instructor, I love being an important part of my clients’ physical health and well-being. I love building relationships with my clients, and working in the team environment of Clasique. I've seen the benefits of mind-body wholeness in my own life and I am passionate about promoting that same wholeness in everything I do.