Private & Semi-Private Sessions

Private sessions are one-on-one workouts with an instructor, and are the most ideal way to begin incorporating Pilates into your life – both as exercise and as a way of moving through the world.

Semi-private sessions are small group workouts with an instructor. These are an excellent choice once you develop an understanding of the Pilates work, comfort with the equipment, and a connection with your own body and workout.

In private and semi-private sessions, all of the equipment in the studio is available for your tailored workout.  You receive a great amount of individual attention, and also take ownership of your workout.

Let us help you achieve your personal goals, navigate injuries or imbalances, and guide you as you evolve your practice and discover significant strength and freedom of movement.

We recommend beginning with private sessions. Our advanced training helps us to meet you where you are, study your movement, adjust and adapt, and challenge you appropriately. We tailor each private session to fit what is in your best interest!

Your workout experience with us is customized to fit your changing needs.  Some people do mostly private sessions, and many do a combination of private, semi-private, and group classes.  While it is a “choose your own adventure,” we are your guides –willing and qualified to advise you along the way! 

Let’s get started…

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Prices for Private and Semi-Private sessions range depending on the experience level of your instructor and whether you purchase a single session, 5 pack, or 10 pack.

We offer an initial 3-pack of privates for the excellent value of $150, and we also offer discounted prices for students and children. Inquire further!

Apprentice Privates range $35-40 per session

Instructor Privates range $65-70 per session

Privates with Brooke Tyler range $85-90 per session

Instructor Semi-Privates range $35-40 per session

Semi-Privates with Brooke Tyler range $40-45 per session

NEW Instructor Privates - $55 per session

NEW Instructor Semi Privates - $30 per session